Silverlight Password Strength Checker – Part 1 of 3


In this 3 part series, we are going to learn how to create a custom control, the parts and states of custom control and skinning. We will create a simple password strength checker, which will tell how strong your password is. In part 1, we will see how to create a fully usable custom control.


A Custom Control is same as any other User Control except the fact that it comes with the power of editable Styles and Templates. For more details, see Control Customization on MSDN.

You Will Learn
  • What is a Silverlight Class Library
  • How to create a Custom Control using a Class Library
  • How to create properties that can be accessed both from Xaml and code-behind

Before going further, let’s have a look at what we are going to create.

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What’s New in Silverlight 5?

Today, at Silverlight Firestarter, ScottGu announced new features coming up in Silverlight 5.

Silverlight 5 introduces more than 40 new features, including support for running Silverlight applications with desktop features in the browser, dramatic video quality and performance improvements, and features that improve developer productivity.

More information at

A Quick Overview

These are the expected features to be included with the Silverlight 5 Beta. As expected, the final product will be more power packed.

Expected releases:

  • Public Beta during Spring 2011
  • Final version by end of 2011

I like to start the list with most compelling (for me) features,

  • Layout Transitions
  • Ancestor RelativeSource
  • Custom Markup Extensions
  • Binding Style Setters
  • Breakpoints in Xaml

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Silverlight Firestarter

All set for Silverlight firestarter. Starting with ScottGu’s Keynote till the after party, everyone’s pretty sure that the day will be fun filled and interesting.

What is Silverlight Firestarter?

A one day, global, live streamed and on demand event keynoted by Scott Guthrie, with New self-paced labs and walk through videos. And fully interactive where you can Watch live and ask the Silverlight product team questions during the event.

When and Where to Register?

Keynote Starts December 2, 2010 at 9:00 pacific time (22.30 Indian time). Yes, registrations are still open at

Whom the event is for?

The event brings something for everyone. On-Ramp sessions to get you started, live from experts to improve your skills and understanding and Chat with the Silverlight product team live or in person.